Teamplay Competition

stop join : 30min

race start :10 min 

time window :60 min

Mail Address

Teams   8teams max 6pilots min 4pilots

if you are not fly with min.4pilots  you got 30penaltysfor the team 10 for the pilot  

if you finish we go see the best 4 then we do this>>player              1: 950p
                                                                                                      2: 944p
                                                                                                      3: 930p
                                                                                                      4: 920
then we do 950+944+930+920/4=936 then this team get 936p           

if somewon can't fly and the team is just whit 3people then the team get one time 0points so player 4 get 0points

When landing out the competitors shall take a screenshot of the plane after outlanding and send this to the Organisers to validate the outlanding. An outlanding will be considered valid if the screenshot shows the score window (‘tab’), and an external view of the plane on the ground in good order with an indicated speed of less than the windspeed. The pilot will announce his safe outlanding through the condor chat feature.

If after the announcement and screenshot the plane slides downhill and crashes, the outlanding will still be considered valid, and no penalty will be applied. The Organisers shall be informed of an outlanding without delay. Non-compliance will be penalized.

if somewon disconnect you can go to flightracks and then Last flightrack are fly the flight offline

you can maybe give some screenshots , Reports ,IGC files , for the homepage

greetzzz XN JJJ

- Rules -




1. Organizational


You will receive the flight list number and the password by E-Mail.

The time sample looks in principle as follows, it can deviate easily.


Join Time

30 min. 

Race Start in

10 min.

Time Window

60 min.

Start Tow

Server start+10 min.

Race until the last have finished or disconnected.


Some general settings:

Start sector

Radius: 5000m; Angle:180°; max.Alt./Window possible

WP sector

Radius: 3000m; Angle: 90°; max.Alt./Window or 500m radius “beercans” possible

Finish sector

Radius: 500m; Angle: 180°

Randomize weather on each flight


Plane icons range


Thermal helpers range


Turnpoint helpers range


Allow real time scoring


Allow external view


Allow padlock view


Allow smoke


Allow plane recovery


Allow height recovery


Allow mid-air collision recovery


Start type


Time Window

60 min.

Join Time

30 min. 




Cloud Flying

100 P 

Plane recovery

0 P

Height recovery

0 P

Wrong window entrance

0 P

Window collision

0 P 

Penalty zone entrance

100 P

Lost knuckle

0 P

Thermal helpers (per minute)

0 P 


2. Rules

People which are connecting and disconnecting constantly, as well as those, who do not enter the game and thus block the competition, will be kicked out of the server.


Everyone who  will be disconnected after starting the task, has to send his .IGC- and .ftr file within one hour after landing(outlanding/finish) to the competition line by E-Mail, so that nobody can obtain a better result offline. If your mail doesn’t arrive, your flight is evaluated with 0 points.


After mid air collisions you’re allowed to press Q and recover your glider. If you crash after crossing finish line, no penalties will be given. After crashes you have to send your .IGC- and .ftr file to us.

If the disconnection occured during the final glide, we can decide to award the pilot full points.


When you’re dissatisfied with a penalty or the decision on a complaint made during the Championships a competitor has the right of protest.


After outlandings you have to send a screenshot of your save landing, if you don’t do so, you’ll get 0 points.


Tasks will be flewn in single classes without handicaps.


All your daily valuations are added in order to determine the winner of the World Cup.


In cases, not clearly treated by the rules, the competition line will decide how to handle it!!!


Unfair/hazardous flying will result in disqualification.

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